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Duthie Associates, Inc. (dba Duthie Learning),  was founded in 1989 by Bob Duthie, former VP Business Development for Nortel. Providing consulting and development the firm specializes in B2B & B2C Content Marketing, an area that integrates key skills including business planning, marketing, presentations, and elearning. Learn more about the benefits of Content Marketing here.

Since 1989 the firm has completed over 500 projects for clients, including small and large corporations and government. Contact Bob here.

Marketing and Training are the Same

Bob Duthie, founder and business consultant, believes that marketing and training are one and the same.  For example, advertars people have just 10-30 seconds to persuade prospects to learn more about their services or products. While pedagogical academics think there are defined differences  between education, learning and training, education is all about the basics: the three Rs.  Bob likes John Schneble’s definitions of training vs learning: Training such as elearning is pushed to users and delivered in the same way to all. Learning on the other hand is informal and user-generated like social media.  Thus, it makes sense to have a firm that understands marketing, training, and social media, and of course, business and technology.

New Business Presentations

In starting a new business, an entrepreneur needs to first write a brochure that describes the market, products and services, and benefits. The next most important tool is a presentation. The presentation provides visual support to the entrepreneur when communicating the business to potential investors, customers, suppliers, and employees. The presentation then drives the content for the website. Today, a business is not real without a website.

As the Business Grows, Training Becomes Essential

Onboarding training for new employees is essential. eLearning is ideal for this application because of consistency, interactivity, and low cost vs classroom training.  Customer training can help companies grow rapidly without having to build large costly call centers for customer support.  Social media has a role to play in B2B and B2C marketing. Email, blogging, white papers,  LinkedIn groups, Facebook, Twitter, virtual trade shows, webinars, and YouTube video all have a role to play in gaining thought leadership, building trust, and developing relationships with potential customers and referral sources.  Jeff Heysiett, the CMO, Eastman Kodak Co., says, “A marketer’s dream is to engage in two-way conversations with people who are truly interested in their brand.” Social media makes this happen.

B2B Content Marketing is Driven by Changing Buyer Behavior

In today’s market, buyers with a need  turn first to friends and associates for referrals. Next, buyers conduct research on the Internet. If they like what they see and trust what they see, only then are they ready to dig deeper and perhaps call.  This change in buyer behavior drives what the industry now calls B2B Content Marketing.

B2C Content Marketing Experience

Duthie Learning has a test bed for B2C Content Marketing  through ownership of a publishing business that provides eLearning and cruise guides (proprietary content) to boaters that dream about cruising America’s Great Loop. These products are sold over the Internet and through marine book stores and marinas.  Click here to visit the ecommerce website.  Click here to visit the blog that tells the story of Bob and Mavis’ Great Loop cruise.

More Information

If you would like to know Bob better, click here for his contact information.

4 Responses to Home

  1. Bob --David G. Brown (BWI) says:

    Bob –

    We are both members of BWI, although it does not seem we’ve met personally. I’m probably the poorer for that.

    Your learning concept — does it incluld two-way, interactive learning on computer? I ask because for about 20 years I taught a USCG captain’s license course. Our students had to take the Coast Guard test. Now, the CG is “licensing” schools to both teach and give the test. (Open invitation to fraud, eh?) Guys go around the country giving week-long classes and then the test. I have some horror stories about students that could not pass my in-class quizes, but managed to have a 100-ton license a week later from one of the license mills. So, I quit teaching my classes because I’m basically too honest to make money.

    I have all of the materials including textbooks, practice tests, etc. Over the years, I’ve wondered about some sort of internet “distance learning” for people (the majority of the country) who aren’t near schools or can’t take a week off for a cram course. Possible? Is there a way of doing third party testing nationwide?

    Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

    CHANGING GEARS … Here’s something I’m thinking of putting before the BWI Linkedin discussion group. You’re getting a sneak preview.

    While most BWI members know me as a boating editor and writer, the majority of my career has been in television production. Looking at the way technology is evolving, I’m convinced that moving images are taking over the consumer publishing niche formerly dominated by printed magazines. Today’s kids hang out around Youtube and Myspace, not the drugstore magazine rack. Looking toward tomorrow’s audience I’ve invested in a 1080 high def video camera, wireless mikes, lights, green screens, and a dedicated computerized editing suite. Not by halves I don’t, no.

    At the moment I’m studying new ways of delivering consumer TV content. I’m particularly interested in tablet computers, so-called “smart phones,” social media, and all of the myriad of other non-traditional TV viewing devices – which are beginning to include chart plotters and GPS navigators. Old-fashioned half hour and hour TV programs that are run on a published schedule simply do not fit these new viewing platforms. The new paradigm will be a “program” (TV program, not computer) that viewers assemble on demand to match their current needs.

    There are a lot of interesting ways to “monetize” such entertainment programming. I favor the one invented by David Sarnoff back in the 1920s when he developed radio broadcasting – paid advertising. There are ways of putting commercial “spots” into web-based videos just as they do on commercial broadcast TV. Using existing viewer profiling it is possible to deliver a different “spot” to each viewer based on that person’s known interests. Of course, there are also the usual banner and sidebar ads that appear on web pages. And, links can be provided to sponsor web sites.

    I am curious to know how many BWI members are already involved in video production on any level from home movies to commercial cinematography. One person cannot provide all of the content for what I envision. How many members out there are interested in contributing to such a venture, and what sort of video capabilities do they have? Anyone who would like to chat about developing this idea.

    OK, you can go back to work now.

    – Dave

    David G. Brown
    419-466-6040 (cell)

    • David
      Thanks very much for your post. It sets a new record for the longest and most interesting post ever.
      1. Our interactive learning systems have always been self-paced rather than two way. Self-paced is much easier to justify economically. Webinars would be the way to make courses two way.
      2. There is no technical problem developing a nationwide testing system for the USCG Captain’s License. You would have to get certification from the Coast Guard to grant the certificates. I would assume the tests have to be proctored by someone approved by the CG. All the proctor has to do is provide the computer, internet connection, proof of who is taking the test, and certify that the test taker received no help during the test.
      3. The cost to develop a self paced Captains course could be high. We estimate $20,000-$50,000 per hour of content. Such an hour is 25%-50% of a classroom hour, since students proceed at their own pace rather than the pace of the slowest student.
      4. Video is becoming much less costly to record and deliver over the Internet. As I have said in a BWI LinkedIn post “video is now a sidebar to magazine articles” My first attempt at this is coming in the July issue of Heartland Boating where I have written a story on “Keeping Isinglass Looking Like New”.
      5. At the Miami Boat Show BWI meeting I learned from the publishers that successful writers not only have to write but be photographers and videographers.
      6. This year I bought a $250 Nikon S8100 pocket camera that takes 1080P 30 fps HD video. I edit with the $89 Corel Videostudio Pro X4. You can see an example at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txKAb7hsvQE What this camera does not have is a mike input so capturing sound can sometimes be a problem, but you know all that.
      7. Monetizing our “entertainment” work whether written or video is a major problem. The DVR has pretty much ruined the David Sarnoff invention. I almost never watch commercials anymore but scan through them quickly with the sound off. People expect everything on the Internet to be free. Sites that force an ad to be watched before showing the video will get very low usage. Banner ads are almost useless but relevant ads beside the video or at the end of the video would work. The concept I believe works best is “Content Marketing”. You provide free, relevant information with value. This positions you as a thought leader, builds trust, and leads to a relationship. At that point buyers are ready to pay for services or products because they have learned to like you and trust you.

  2. Gwen Coleman says:


    I just bought the CD “What to Expect: Cruising America’s Great Loop”. Unfortunately, my Macbook Pro won’t play it. I get a notice that “Power PC is not supported”.

    Do you have any suggestions?


    • Gwen
      We now have a MP4 video version of our program that runs on MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and even many digital televisions. Thanks for sending me your email address. I have sent a complementary special code that will allow you to download the new version. Details are on our website at http://www.greatloopcruising.com under the Shop tab.

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